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                              PHYSIOLAB  GP8 & GP8s ORDER FORM
                                       Physiocom Design 8396 Eglon Rd. Kingston, Wa. 98346

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___ ___        GP8 Physioamp one channel ECG, EEG, EMG, no cables/sensors $350.00

___ ___        GP8s Physioamp + GSR, temperature, respiration, PPG, no cables/sensors $400.00

___        ___        GP8 one channel with EEG kit, all items below $415.00
___   ___ TP-18 Lead set, 18 inch 1.5mm socket and snap, 3 each $20.00
___ ___ SE-22a Ear clips and electrodes, 2 each $15.00
___ ___ SE-20a Electrodes and paste cups, 100 each $15.00
___ ___ NS-40 Soft elastic neck strap, 40 inch, Velcro type $15.00

___        ___ GP8s with ECG kit, all items below $535.00  

___ ___ GP-5u Respiration sensor belt, magnetic type $90.00
___ ___ TP-40 Lead set, 40 inch, 1.5mm socket and snap, 3 each $25.00
___ ___ SE-23 Electrodes, gel free wrist type, 3 each $15.00
___ ___ WB-2 Elastic wrist bands, 2 each $5.00

___        ___ GP8s with EMG, GSR, Temperature kit, all items below $508.00        
___        ___ GP-1u Temperature sensor, thermistor bead type $40.00
___        ___ TP-40 Lead set, 40 inch, 1.5mm socket and snap, 3 each $25.00
___        ___ TP-40R Single red GSR lead, 40 inch, 1.5mm socket and snap $8.00
___ ___ SE-35 GSR (EDG,SR) finger electrodes Velcro, 2 each $15.00
___ ___ SE-55 Pre-gelled electrodes for EMG or ECG, 50 each $20.00

___        ___ GP-1u Temperature sensor, thermistor bead type $40.00
___ ___ GP-2u Temperature sensor, two separate thermistors, one connector $70.00
___ ___ GP-4u PPG, finger heart rate and blood volume pulse sensor $90.00
___ ___ GP-5u Respiration sensor belt, magnetic type $90.00
___ ___ GP-7u IR temperature sensor (PIR type) non contact $145.00

Software applications for the GP8 may be downloaded from physiopilot.com
Check often for updated software, no need to remove older version.
Only software labeled for the GP8 will operate with this unit.
Windows7, 8 or XP is recommended for this software.                                                                 
We no longer stock Ten 20 EEG Conductive Paste, order this item from Amazon.                                                                                                                                                                             

For inquiries, prices, and or  production schedules
Contact us at physiosens@gmail.com