We provide a very high-level set of dlls with coding to get your project up and running. The PhysioAmp GP8 and RV   hardware was designed by programmers for programmers using C++, Visual Basic,   'dot.Net', and even Labview.  to make it easy to convert raw digital signals to standardized physiological signals. There is no need for your programmers to build basic digital to physiological signal conversions. This is already done for you.  All you need is to find our guide to the input lookup codes and insert them into your programs. For example. a Labview-only programmer, with no true 'code' experience, brought the signals on-line is about 5 minutes. A Java-based programmer brought all the signals on board and fully tested them with a signal generator in less than an hour.

If you already have an application in mind, and have a programmer ready to develop it, we are ready to help. In is not unusual for a programmer to add our dll functions and get it running in just a few minutes.

Want us to help you? We can build or help you build a program in Physiolab, our programming environment. It is locked to our hardware, making signal detection secure and standardized. Call for more details.

As you talk to us, keep these distinctions in mind:

Our Hardware Developers: PhysioComp Systems

Our Hardware-to-software Driver Interface: The PhysioData Software Development Kit [SDK]

Our Propriatory Software Development Programming Language: PhysioData.

   You of course can use C++, Visual Basic, .Net programs and even Labview.
    We have not tried to interface with non-Windows OS. That's up to you.

Our Hardware Device Series Name : PhysioAmp
Our Website is here :

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