NEW! The GP-8 EEG hardware also runs SmartMind, software that combines incredible neurofeedback and cognitive retraining
GP8-EEG Physiolab GP8 EEG System with all items listed in EEG kit.  
EEG training can be very costly. We have tried to bring the costs down while maintaining true, impedance-verified EEG band signals. In fact, impedance is monitored continuously, so you can be assured that the signal you want is the signal you get.
We currently offer two types of EEG training programs, one for Peak Performance Training, and the other for neurofeedback based on stratagies developed by Barry Sterman at UCLA. Or try 3rd party EEG software like SmartMind or BioExplorer.
 Compact Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and HRV Trainers