GP8-EMG          Physiolab GP8 System with all items listed in EMG kit
GP8 w-electrodes EMG arm placement tn emg-start
emg-intro emg-suds emg-bar
emg-circle emg-help emg-layer
emg-squeeze emg-report microbeaks emg-report microbeaks mm
emg-report mm interfer emg-report mm emg-squeeze release
This unit is a simple EMG monitor and trainer.
It can be used in many ways:
1. For home use, it serves as a simple relaxation trainer. This is the default mode for the Basic EMG Kit.
2. Add more senors and it becomes a simple multi-channel relaxation coaching devise or trainer.
3. For special purposes, we are developing a Dynamic Muscle Scanner, allowing a quick check of multiple muscle sites using non-gel sensors.
This is no toy. Special circuits allow the measurement of  the spectral frequency distribution of each EMG signal, and presents it in mean and median spectral frequency plots for local fatigue detection.
There are several versions of the software, designed around the needs of our many customers.
Don't worry about making the right choice. The simple and the more complex software come pre-installed. Select what you need, based on the extra sensors you purchase.
Each has a program code , like emg 001.
The numbers count upwards, indicating a progressively more complex set of signals. Some selections  require the purchase of additional sensors.
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