Updated on 4-16-17
Education-orientd Biomonitoring and Biofeedback Devices
 Compact Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and HRV Trainers
The new GP-8sp download consists of :
> EEG Biofeedback Apps
> Somatic Biofeedback Apps

* Applications have been simplified to encourage supervised home use.

EMG, ECG, EEG, Temp, SC, Pulse and Resp sensors will be needed.
> Switch between EMG and  ECG HRV apps.
> Use SC, Temp. Pulse and Resp as needed

Small, and flexible.
* Fits in a big pocket or purse.
* Optically isolated.
Works on modern Windows PCs.
Tested and works well on  Win 10 computers - requires keyboard.

More software on the way...

New for 4-16-17:
1. First program with new interface..
2. Master control panel on top menu.
3. Right-click to modify settings on graphs.
Applications in version 2.0. Subject to revision.
Your version may be subject to change and/or update.
Problems?  Right-click on the PhysioData icon to get it to work properly.
A menu will pop up. Chose Run in Administrator mode.

If you left-click you will get this error every time: